nature experience

Authentic natural surroundings you can really be in. Return to nature, relax, be healed.

NEMU RESORT is inside Ise-Shima National Park.

Nature has been revered and protected here. The growth of huge trees, fireflies in the summer, flights of migrating birds in the winter...
there are many scenes, beyond human purpose, that only nature can create.

Eluding our plans, delights of nature come unbidden: each encounter is a moment’s gift.

If you go on activities accompanied by our seasoned specialist interpreters and guides,
you will have a fuller and deeper experience as you get to know the true nature of Shima.

  • natureThumb1Morning yogaDoing yoga in the great outdoors is a great way to feel more connected with nature. The activities vary by season and session time.
  • natureThumb2CruisingTake a leisurely stroll on the deck of a pleasure boat and admire the changing views of inlets, headlands, and islands that make the ria coast of Ago Bay so beautiful.
  • natureThumb3Stand up PaddleboardThe instructor will give a detailed lecture, so feel free to participate.You can fully enjoy the fun of stand-up paddleboarding.
  • natureThumb4Star WatchingSnuggled in a sleeping bag, gaze at the starry sky. When the air is dry and clear in winter, the sky is a natural planetarium.
  • natureThumb5Sea kayakingManeuvering a kayak is like taking a stroll around the sea. During morning to lunchtime, from your paddling position, you are also likely to see fish.
  • natureThumb6Takibi caféIn the glow of open fires, enjoy a special café experience of coffee and toasted marsh-mallows. It’s a mellow time for friendly fun.
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