Ease into the blessings of Ise-shima, and let the healing begin.

As part of a “local production for local healing” initiative, to enable visitors to experience healing powers exclusive to Ise-shima,
Gracious Spa was opened on March 31, 2015.

Blessed with Shiosai no Yu, a natural source of thermal spa water, to enable you to approach spiritual, mental, and physical cleansing, restoration, and healing by several paths, NEMU RESORT joined forces with Mikimoto Cosmetics to develop the Shinju no Yu pearl bath and Nemunoki Yu wooden bath. Use the three baths to enjoy the kind of healing that can take place only here.

Land, forest, sea. Feel the natural blessings each of the waters brings to you.

At Gracious Spa try each bath and allow the grace of the grand natural surroundings of Ise-shima to fully saturate your body with healing power.

After your skin is cleansed and restored, and healing promoted throughout your body, your natural human beauty will surely shine again.

Shiosai no YuShiosai no Yu

Healed by the Grace
of the Earth.

The Resort’s natural thermal spa source has a mineral sodium content that meets criteria for medicinal waters. Concentrating the power of the Earth, this water warms you to your very core and enhances relaxation.

Nemu no KiyuNemunoki Yu

Cleansed by the Grace
of the Forest

The bark of the nemunoki (pink silk tree) has long been used in oriental medicine. For ageing care, a compound with bark extract is added to the water. Working against glycation stress, by preventing oxidation, it reduces saccharification and opens the way to soft and transparent skin.


Shinju no YuShinju no Yu

Restored by the Grace
of the Sea

Pearl oysters are farmed in the bays and inlets of Shima. Oysters that nurture pearls yield a valuable extract worked into a beauty compound that is added to the bath. When you enter the white, pearlescent water, you get a luxurious sensation of being completely immersed in beauty essence.


Shinju no Yu

Nemunoki Yu


Collaboration with Mikimoto cosmetics

Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap in the ladies bathing area, and products supplied at the washbasins, are made by Mikimoto Cosmetics exclusively for NEMU RESORT.
They are also available for sale in the hotel shop. As a souvenir of your stay, by all means, take away some beauty.
MIKIMOTO Group's First Spa
with Treatment Salon and
Onsen Facility

This is the first spa by MIKIMOTO Group that has both treatment salon and Onsen facility. You can spend a blissful time with original massage oil made with pearl ingredients applied to your body, as well as being treated with treatment menu exclusively designed for HOTEL NEMU, which let's you experience healing, purification, and regeneration.


  • * Male customer may receive treatment when accompanied by female customer.
  • * We will charge you cancelation fee when cancelled on the day of appointment, or if you do not show up.
  • * Treatment will be shortened if you are late for your appointment.



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